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As CITES annual conf.
nears Karl expounds on
CITES double standards.

Karl's exposition of the
real Ivory price
in China.

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incredible report on the
illicit online ape trade.

An open letter regarding
developments in Guinea

concerning the illegal
export of great apes.

karl's recent Report on
, its permitting
system, with clear
evidence of its
failure to police
the trade in live animals
of endangered species

karl discusses how
disappearing wildlife,
worldwild, reappears
in Chinese Zoo and
Safari Park facilities

karl interviewed by
Southeast Asia Globe
reveals his trade secrets;
staying out of trouble,
disillusion w/progress
on illicit animal trade

CITES 2011 Guinea
Mission Report

karl comments on
Apparent drop in
rhino horn demand

karl wins another
SAB environmental
media award

Commercial Exploitation
and Cites

karl ammannn

Overwhelmed U.S. port
inspectors unable to keep up
with illegal wildlife trade
Darryl Fears (in Wash Post)

African fraud, local market
exacerbate illegal primate

Global Times

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Southern China Weekly

the Conakry Connection
very detailed report on
great ape smuggling in Guinea
provides insight into the
worldwide animal trade.
karl ammann and others

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Connection update

karl ammann and others

latest (1-14)Conakry
Connection update

karl ammann and others

Cites and the Shanghai 8
exporting illegal wild apes
claiming them captive bred
karl ammann

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more on the export
of illegal wild apes
claimed as captive bred
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Karl's blogs for
National Geographic
tiger Trade, china's chimp
smuggling, ivory tracking,
rhino poaching and more.

Tiger farming in
SE Asia

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Gorilla story

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CITES action minimal

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'Canned hunting': the
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Kenya's bloodiest week

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2010 Bili-Uere Update
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trafficking from Boten -
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"horrific slaughter of
elephants ... butchered
in the Central African
Republic ... "

from BBC Newsnight

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open letter to CITES
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The Boten Bear Sanctuary - March 2011

Wishful thinking versus the realities on the ground:
The internet postings below seem to indicate that something is happening at Boten concerning the proposed bear sanctuary (consultants ending up with a lot of donor money in their pockets...).

Based on a recent visit by a French journalist, four additional very small bears have just been added to the farm. This makes it clear that the owner (clearly with the backing of the local authorities) keeps buying up bears every birthing season (five last year). Having negotiated with him several times it is very clear that he is not buying these bears to then give them away, He expects to make a nifty profit to sell them to some of these 'crazy animal lovers'. So while he is buying more wild caught baby bears, the NGOs in question tell us that they will close the farm for good, If they do not hurry up he will offer them a dozen more bears to buy and I would not put it past him to ship in some of the 50 which he owns at his other miserable farm at Mong Lah in Myanmar.

This is now on top of the four 'grease covered - restaurant bears" which the former CEO of Boten stated were ready to go to the sanctuary in Luang Prabang with the owners having donated them. This then never happened because the CEO went back on his earlier promise, clarifying this would only happen if all the NGOs involved - including the one in Singapore - agreed to such a transfer.

Despite a half a dozen requests to the responsible party at ACRES, to put their position in writting on these four bears, this never materialized. Today, it would appear, that these animals are all history and will certainly not get a second chance. The French journalist and my former guide could no longer find any of them,

So instead of less dead and traumatized bears in miserable cages there are today more then there were before the involvement of the NGOs. Can this naive approach really be the basis for more fund raising and Gala Diners?

The Boten Bear Sanctuary - September 2010

In June, we went to Boten, Lao P.D.R. with the intention to get a quote for the construction of the sanctuary. It utterly disappointed me when I went to pick up the plans from the architect to find that I was presented with a concept drawing and photocopies of the hand-sketches of each building (back to square one). With no choice, I went off to Boten to meet the contractors with what they gave me just to get scolded for giving them useless information (Which I do not blame them)... and of course... I had to come back with no quote! With no quote, I cannot fundraise... This architect quoted me 1.4M baht (~42,430 USD) for blue prints!!! And I still need to take it to an engineer!!! Uh... no!

At the end of July, we got a new architect. The quote is about 900,000 baht (~28,100 USD) for everything except construction. Still pretty steep for a foundation, but considering the amount of work it is very reasonable. I just hope we can get a quote in time for the September 3rd Gala Dinner in Australia.

Paperwork has been an issue as well. As we have been checking in at every visit, we did not expect the problem that has recently been encountered. Despite 'their' several confirmations of receiving all the paperwork (delivered by our hand to 'their' hand), they now tell us that they've never received the paperwork!!! How is this possible? Anyhow, everything was resubmitted in July, they confirmed receiving it this time when I called to check. We'll see!

On a lighter note, we checked on the bears and they have not disappeared yet. We have been worried that the bear farm owners would one day smuggle the bears out of the farm.

Everything for this project is very time sensitive. The delays are not helping! I've also been wondering why there are people discouraging us from continuing this project.

Karl Ammann
Nanyuki, Kenya
March 2011

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