karl ammann
bushmeat activist, wildlife photographer, author;

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present features:

As CITES annual conf.
nears Karl expounds on
CITES double standards.

Karl's exposition of the
real Ivory price
in China.

Christopher Hasslet's
incredible report on the
illicit online ape trade.

An open letter regarding
developments in Guinea

concerning the illegal
export of great apes.

karl's recent Report on
, its permitting
system, with clear
evidence of its
failure to police
the trade in live animals
of endangered species

karl discusses how
disappearing wildlife,
worldwild, reappears
in Chinese Zoo and
Safari Park facilities

karl interviewed by
Southeast Asia Globe
reveals his trade secrets;
staying out of trouble,
disillusion w/progress
on illicit animal trade

CITES 2011 Guinea
Mission Report

karl comments on
Apparent drop in
rhino horn demand

karl wins another
SAB environmental
media award

Commercial Exploitation
and Cites

karl ammannn

Overwhelmed U.S. port
inspectors unable to keep up
with illegal wildlife trade
Darryl Fears (in Wash Post)

African fraud, local market
exacerbate illegal primate

Global Times

Media Report (in Chinese)
Southern China Weekly

the Conakry Connection
very detailed report on
great ape smuggling in Guinea
provides insight into the
worldwide animal trade.
karl ammann and others

latest (9-14)Conakry
Connection update

karl ammann and others

latest (1-14)Conakry
Connection update

karl ammann and others

Cites and the Shanghai 8
exporting illegal wild apes
claiming them captive bred
karl ammann

Cites and the Taiping4
more on the export
of illegal wild apes
claimed as captive bred
karl ammann

Karl's blogs for
National Geographic
tiger Trade, china's chimp
smuggling, ivory tracking,
rhino poaching and more.

Tiger farming in
SE Asia

karl ammann

more on the China-
Gorilla story

karl ammann

Cites and the illegal
trade in wildlife

karl ammann

emails/letters/issues ignored
bonobos to Armenia

GRASP correspondence on
illegal animal trade

allegations of a coverup at the
CITES secretariat

karl ammann

a fairy tale of ivory:
the ongoing tragedy of
incompetence, slaughter,
and lawlessness.
karl ammann and others

for details see this
transcript with NBouke.
karl ammann and others

the Rhino & the Bling - the
inside mechanics of the
rhino horn trade.
karl ammann

karl's latest elephant
poaching video

Millions spent on ape
conservation and where
are the results?

karl ammann

an interview with Karl
on the state of conservation,
poaching, trafficking
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Where Did All
the Tigers Go?

karl ammann

the detailed report on
The Cairo Connection:
Ape Trafficking

karl ammann

the updated report on
The Cairo Connection:
Ape Trafficking in Egypt

karl ammann

Tiger, Lion bones
and rhino horn

another piece in Swara

karl ammann

Tiger cake & rhino horn
from Swara, a magazine of the
East African Wildlife Society

karl ammann

Into the Asian Underworld
in Africa Geograpic's
Rhino Watch
(page 3)
karl ammann

karl speaks at Foreign
Correspondents' Club of
Thailand - International
Trade in Reptile Skins

rhino versus ape

karl ammann

the rhino horn story
at consumer end
karl ammann

the latest horrors of
Poaching in
karl ammann

addendums to
elephants and elephant
conservation in the DRC

karl ammann

Our reptile skin trade
is now online.

Rhino Files: 333 rhinos
killed by poachers in
barbaric fashion

karl ammann
bernadette cook

Cites and the diplomatic
approach: these videos
say it does not work

karl ammann

Karl wins another
Genesis award

notes on Orang conservation
in Kalimantan - a sad story

errol pietersen

despite illegally held apes
CITES action minimal

karl ammann

asia geographic on
illegal wildlife trade

dale peterson
karl amman

africa geographic
reports on karl's
smuggling studies

karl ammann

Karl's German site

of interest

karl nominated for
zoological society medal

'Canned hunting': the
lions bred for slaughter

The Guardian

Seven rhinos killed ...
Kenya's bloodiest week

The Guardian

Forestry Education info
chase g

Not on Animal Planet
karl ammann

2010 Bili-Uere Update
karl ammann

more on wildlife
trafficking from Boten -
bears, leopard, tiger cubs

karl ammann

"horrific slaughter of
elephants ... butchered
in the Central African
Republic ... "

from BBC Newsnight

HIV ignored in Natl
Geographic article on
disease transmission

karl ammann

The Protein Gap
A misleading article

karl ammann

Mass Gorilla Execution
Can we learn from it?

karl ammann

Hundreds of Elephants
killed in DRC Park

from radio Okapi

Hunting Report take
on Chimp escape

karl ammann

US Wildlife Agency
provides a bandaid

karl ammann

open letter to CITES
re: wildlife export

karl ammann

important books

elephant reflections
dale peterson
karl ammann

eating apes
dale peterson
karl ammann

consuming nature
anthony rose
karl ammann

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Video Documentaries of Karl Ammann

Karl has created or been involved with a number of startling and revealing documentaries. These are found on Karl's Youtube channel. In addition, several have been loaded as podcasts, as indicated below, on Lemonz Dream. To view these you must scroll the list that appears when you link to Lemonz Dream. Listed below are what is presently available online; more to come. If you are interested in using these videos, or parts thereof, of if you have other related needs, please contact us with your needs or questions.

  • Latest Ape Trading Documentary - March 2014 - (28:24)
  • On The Trail of the Ape Traders.
  • Elephant Poaching and Ivory Tracking - January 2013 - (21:26)
  • Elephant poaching and ivory trafficking will be a key issue during the upcoming CITES COP in Bangkok. This video includes exclusive footage illustrating Chinese buyers acquiring ivory items in Laos and Vietnam as well as footage on poaching and trafficking of ivory (some across international borders) in Central Africa. These are compiled clips meant to be samples of what is available and is not a finished video like those that follow.

  • the Hanoi Connection: The Rhino Horn Mafia - Sept. 2013 update (w/Phil Hattingh). (33:18)
  • This investigative documentary deals mostly with the demand characteristics for rhino horn in SE Asia and illustrates some developing trends. It is a tale of lack of political will and of corruption at every level in the supply chain. At present two Rhinos are killed every day. In Der Spiegel online, in German, (click Blutiges Geschäft) there is a related piece on Rhino horn poaching.

  • the Cairo Connection (27:22) or a short Trailer (1:32) (available as podcast from Lemonz Dream)
  • This is the tale of a prominent ape trafficking family operating from the Central African region into the Middle East. The family and associates are responsible for hundreds of orphaned chimpanzees and dozens of gorillas having been trafficked along this route. The Egyptian authorities, despite a wide range of evidence being available, have never prosecuted the individuals in question or their well connected buyers. Private wildlife collections in the Middle East are today one of the main sources of demand for endangered wildlife.

  • See No Evil (30:19)
  • This film is about establishing the role of a German logging company in the bushmeat trade, especially IN the hunting of bonobos. In various written exchanges the logger in question stated there was no problem with bushmeat in their K7 concession. The film documents otherwise. The team entered the logging area through a ‘back door’ rather then seeking official access. Discussions are under way to repeat the trip and visit the same locations again some 10 years later with Jeff Du Pain (one of the protagonists in the film) AND set up a major conservation project in the area.

  • Blood Timber (24:36)
  • A documentary about the illegal poaching of endangered Bushmeat in the Congo and Cameroon along the timber roads and rivers. The footage is circa 2002. Featured is Joseph Melloh, a former poacher who now works with Karl to investigate existing poaching practices and educate the populace about alternatives.

  • the Gombe Connection (28:44)
  • When it comes to creating awareness of the problems affecting the natural world, Non-Governmental Oraganizations (NGOs) are often on the front line of trying to mitigate the impact man and our activities are having. They believe raising money is only possible by presenting 'solutions' and 'happy endings'and at worst heroes fighting against almost impossible odds. Often the end result is more 'Feel Good Conservation'. Another band aid being applied to a patient which is dying of terminal cancer. Gombe National Park in Tanzania is one such example. The human population growth in the region is still 4.9 % and the chimpanzee population has been declining for decades. There is not a single baboon left outside the park boundary. The question is: Would the same resources being spent somewhere else have more impact on chimpanzee conservation.
  • the Mong Lah Connection (27:46) or a short Trailer (2:02) (available as podcast from Lemonz Dream)
  • South East Asia and especially the more affluent segments of society in China and Vietnam have become the major consumers of wildlife products being sold as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). Mong Lah is a semi autonomous region on the Myanmar China border where anything goes. What god, and national laws have forbidden in China is practiced just a short walk across the border into this enclave ruled be 'ex' drug lords. The wildlife trade is totally out of control and involves fresh bush meat from the surrounding forests but also all kinds of other wildlife products.
  • The Kinshasa Connection  (35:58) (available as podcast from Lemonz Dream)
    The Convention for the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is meant to control the commercial trade of listed and endangered species. As this example shows this does not stop a range of players bending the law from the hunting grounds in the forest of the DRC to a wildlife exhibit at San Diego Zoo to get some of these rare primates from A to B. Hundred thousands of dollars were spent to supposedly 'save' some 130 protected primates from the DR Congo with the end result being that more and new demand at the production end.
  • The Bangui Connection (26:36) or a short Trailer (1:53) (available as podcast from Lemonz Dream)
  • Elephant poaching for ivory has been going on for decades. In the Central African region however elephants are also hunted for their meat. In remote parts of the Congo and the Central African Republic the returns from smoked elephant meat are often higher then what hunters get from middle men for the ivory. The end result being that curtailing the trade in ivory would not solve the problem of elephant poaching in these parts.
  • Rhino Files (4:54) - Karl co-produced this video and the accompanying terrible story.
  • In 2010 333 rhinos - nearly one a day - were killed by poachers. Conservationists think that this figure may have doubled in 2011.

  • Boten - Laos, Bear Bile Farm - Documentary about a Bear Bile Farm in Boten, Laos (from Lemonz Dream)
  • Documentary about a Bear Bile Farm in Boten, Laos.
  • Ape Smuggling (4:07) is a discussion of the Cairo Connection by Gary Streiker for Assignment Earth.
  • Investigators claim smugglers have shipped endangered chimpanzees and gorillas from Africa to buyers in the Middle East. They blame governments, airlines and international law enforcement for failing to protect Africa's great apes.
  • On The Trail of the Ape Traders (28:24) about baby Chimp and Gorilla smuggling from China.
  • For the last few years China has been illegally smuggling baby chimpanzees and gorillas from their home in the Central and West African rainforest to China. This documentary investigates this illegal trade in apes to China and tries to uncover who exactly is behind it.
  • On Tiger Bones (8:29) tells how the illegal trade in tigers affects our lions.
  • Canned lion hunting is only part of the challenge facing big cats worldwide. In south-east Asia tiger parts are used for everything from food and balms to trinkets. Carte Blanche finds out how the illegal trade in tigers affects our lions.

    Additional videos will be made available. Please contact us if you need information on or are interested in acquiring or using these videos either in part or in their entirety.

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