karl ammann
bushmeat activist, wildlife photographer, author;

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endangered bushmeat hunting
bushmeat hunting

orphan chimp in chains
bushmeat orphans

carrying mandrills to the marketplace
transporting bushmeat

aids related - health related bushmeat aspects
aids/health issues

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bushmeat marketing
bushmeat marketing

bushmeat preparation photos
bushmeat preparation

slaughtered gorilla family
very graphic

general bushmeat photos
other bushmeat

captive monkey with man in the street
in captivity

The Bushmeat Photographs of Karl Ammann

This gallery represents the bushmeat related photographs of Karl Ammann. We have divided them into these categories: We have tried to categorize them but this can be difficult and misleading as categories overlap. So try several categories and if you do not find what you are looking for please email us with your specific photograph needs. Karl has countless more photographs in his archives that may be made available.

In addition Karl has created some incredible video footage which can be provided on VHS and on miniDV. Let us know your interests.

All photographs on this website are copyright © Karl Ammann, and all rights are reserved.

Viewing Instructions: Select any thumbnail image to see a larger version; high resolution images of each may then be ordered. In cases sample high resolution images may be sent for examination.

Ordering Instructions: All our photographs can be made available as high resolution digital images. Email us if you are interested in ordering any photograph on the site for display or other use. Please specify the photo number, which is below each image in the gallery, or a description of the photograph and the nature of your intended use. We will contact you with pricing and usage information.

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