Animals as Commerce

An Integrated Curriculum For The Washington Post Newspaper In Education Program February 14, 2020 ©2020 THE WASHINGTON POST INTRODUCTION: Meeting a Demand for the Wild There are those who believe in the magical powers of parts of animals and there are those who have made a business of meeting the demand for animals in theContinue reading “Animals as Commerce”

A Study of Illegal Trafficking of Lao PDR Elephants

Open letters and Compilation of documents by Karl Amman (2020-06-21) – Elephants already exported and in the process of being exported to China While looking into the export of the elephants to Dubai Safari we encountered representatives of a Chinese company, from Yunnan, inspecting some 50 elephants they said they had under contract. The concernedContinue reading “A Study of Illegal Trafficking of Lao PDR Elephants”

Letter to CITES Secretariat

Open Letter – 6 Medlaurst Close Claobhana, Surrey UK GU24 8PA t*44)7788 4040940 URGENT Via email and post: infoVa cites.ore CITES Secretariat Palais des Nations Avenue de la Paix 8-14 1211 Genève 10 Switzerland 21 February 2020 Dear Sir/ Madam, Complaint: Import of 18 Chimpanzees from South Africa to China in breach of the ConventionContinue reading “Letter to CITES Secretariat”

The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin

Opinion piece – When researching the illegal wildlife trade, very often some tentacles lead back to South Africa. Not only when it comes to rhino horn, abalone and lion bone but in this case to one of South Africa’s biggest company: Naspers, a major shareholder in Tencent, who in turn owns WeChat, a Chinese multi-purposeContinue reading “The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin”

Letter to the Chinese Forestry Police

Open Letter – Dear Sirs, I am referring to our meeting at the Yunnan CITES office to discuss the import of elephants into China. Below is the report I sent to various parties last year after some of the initial evidence became available. I understand that for the forestry police the main issue is notContinue reading “Letter to the Chinese Forestry Police”

Heath to Wealth

On the Trail of Asia’s Shifting Rhino Horn Market By Karl Ammann, Published in the Wildlife Ranching magazine, November-December 2018 As long as consumers want rhino horn, South Africa will lose its rhinos to the slow, agonising blows of the poacher’s machete. In this extensive investigation, undercover Swiss filmmaker Karl Ammann finds that blackmarket sentimentsContinue reading “Heath to Wealth”

Kämpfer für bedrohte Tiere

By Karl Ammann – Published in Republik, October 9, 2018 “Der Schweizer Karl Ammann entlarvt die Hintermänner des weltweiten Wildtierschmuggels – eine lebensgefährliche Mission. Die Geschichte eines Unerschrockenen.”Von Mona Fahmy (Text) und Ariel Hauptmeier (Mitarbeit), 09.10.2018 Mit jedem Tag wird der Dschungel dichter – und kommen mehr Jäger an Bord. Sie legen mit ihren EinbäumenContinue reading “Kämpfer für bedrohte Tiere”