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Conservation Activist – Photographer – Wildlife Crime Investigator – Filmmaker

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The Tiger Mafia

A film by Karl Ammann

2020 Jackson Wild Media Award Winner

The planet’s favorite wild creature speed bred and factory farmed for body parts

Karl Ammann sits with a group of local operatives in a small hotel room somewhere in Southeast Asia. They are setting up and testing hidden camera equipment, going over the set of instructions several times.  The team then drives to a nearby  tiger farm, where the local team plays the role of potential customers while Karl anxiously waits back in town for their return…

See the Trailer and the Jackson Wild Clips & Conversation now. Also see https://hook-film.com.

The whole of creation is waiting

for us to become humans

Wildlife and nature is under pressure for manifold reasons in every corner of the world.  Some call it the 6th extinction – negative effects on nature and our environment have picked up a dynamic in the past decade that is truly devastating.  Numbers show what is really happening and we are on due course to lose two thirds of wild animals by 2020.

About Karl

Karl uncovers wildlife trafficking, poaching and other forms of brutal exploitation of the planet’s most iconic species.  Circumventing red tape and challenging the status quo established by governments and supranational bodies, he discloses the shameful silence of international bodies and puts names and responsibilities behind the ongoing death of nature.

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Tired of seeing images like this and you want to do something about it? Here is what you can do:

  • Do not buy or keep any wild animal.
  • Do not encourage any setting or show featuring captive wild animal.
  • Do not buy products made of, or containing, any wild animal part.

​“In a gentle way you can shake the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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