“Trophy Hunting & Britain: The case for a ban” – new report

A report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting – June 29, 2022

Quote from Karl Ammann

“Trophy hunting has helped to fuel the extraordinary growth in the tiger wine and cake industry. Operators in Laos and Vietnam import the lion bones and sell them on as tiger bones. The bones then go on to China and Vietnam where they are transformed into tiger wine and cake. The export of the bones from South Africa is done using CITES permits and is thus technically legal. The next stage is clearly illegal. There is a great deal of corruption when it comes to getting CITES permits. In Africa, if you want to get a CITES permit, you are talking about a US $5,000 bribe. The dealers all know how to beat the CITES system. It is extremely weak because there is no enforcement, and people know that nothing is ever going to happen to them. CITES has become part of the problem.”

Full report below:

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