The PATA Department Store Zoo – Is it “The Saddest Zoo in the World” ?

Opinion piece – Related to this Daily Mail article. During a recent visit with a German film team there was one cage covered by a netting material, which showed a primate running up and down behind it.  When the ape climbed to the top where his face was visible, it became clear that it was a bonobo.Continue reading “The PATA Department Store Zoo – Is it “The Saddest Zoo in the World” ?”

The CITES Secretariat and the epitome of double standards

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) will shortly hold its seventeenth major Conference of the Parties event in Johannesburg from 24 September to 5 October 2016 (CoP17). As part of the agenda for CoP17 the CITES Secretariat has published an agenda and numerous documents for consideration againstContinue reading “The CITES Secretariat and the epitome of double standards”

Open Letter to Guangdong Chimelong Group

To: Mr. Su Zhigang, Chairman, Guangdong Chimelong Group, Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou Nanyuki, July 7th 2015 Dear Mr.  Su Zhigang, I am a documentary film maker working on a production documenting the wildlife trade for Swiss and German Television. I recently visited the head offices of Guangzhou Panyu Chang Long Safari World. Co. Ltd toContinue reading “Open Letter to Guangdong Chimelong Group”

CITES and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife

Swiss-born journalist and wildlife activist Karl Ammann has been investigating the illegal trade in wildlife products in Africa and Southeast Asia for 30 years.  His work has aired on Spiegel Television in Germany, Carte Blanche in South Africa, and several other publications.  In 2007 Time Magazine name him a Hero of the Environment.  His workContinue reading “CITES and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife”

China and Gorillas

China’s illegal imports of some 150 chimpanzees from West Africa have become a major animal welfare and conservation concern since it first became public some 3 years ago. This trade was still ongoing in 2013. In addition, the CITES trade data for 2010 showed that China had also declared the import of 10 gorillas. AsContinue reading “China and Gorillas”