“Trophy Hunting & Britain: The case for a ban” – new report

A report of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Banning Trophy Hunting – June 29, 2022 Quote from Karl Ammann “Trophy hunting has helped to fuel the extraordinary growth in the tiger wine and cake industry. Operators in Laos and Vietnam import the lion bones and sell them on as tiger bones. The bones then goContinue reading ““Trophy Hunting & Britain: The case for a ban” – new report”

This is what happens in China

Subject: RE: The Tiger Mafia selected at Outdocs Dear Karl, dear Laurin, The festival just contacted me about the censorship :  As know, all the films will be examined by censorship before officially enter our festival this year. And we are sorry to inform you that The Tiger Mafia did not pass the censorship. The previous pre-confirmation willContinue reading “This is what happens in China”

The Tiger Mafia in Swiss Newspaper’s Filmhighlights

Published by Gregor Schenker, Pascal Blum, Hans Jürg Zinsli – in “Tagesanzeiger”, 19.08.2021 https://bit.ly/2WhTID9 The Tiger Mafia Dokumentarfilm von Karl Ammann und Laurin Merz, CH 2021, 90 Min. Die Netflix-Serie «Tiger King» war unterhaltsam, befasste sich aber nur oberflächlich mit dem internationalen Tigerhandel. Was es mit diesem auf sich hat, zeigt der Dokfilm «The TigerContinue reading “The Tiger Mafia in Swiss Newspaper’s Filmhighlights”