From Health to Wealth – Understanding the trade in rhino horn in the age of affluence

Felix Patton and Karl Ammann – Published in Pachyderm No. 57 July 2015–June 2016

If demand reduction strategies are going to be effective, it is essential that the understanding of the usage of rhino horn and rhino horn products is accurate. Judging by what is being published in the media–in print and online–this is not the case. While the received wisdom focuses on the use of rhino horn as an ingredient of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), recent findings provide evidence of more widespread uses for other purposes.

Although there are few published academic studies of demand for rhino horn, there have been a number of undercover investigations in the countries where the trade is based, including Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and China. These investigations reveal the real situation and are invaluable in helping to categorise the different components of demand for rhino horn that are ultimately responsible for the increasing level of poaching.  

Read the full story here.

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