The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin

When researching the illegal wildlife trade, very often some tentacles lead back to South Africa. Not only when it comes to rhino horn, abalone and lion bone but in this case to one of South Africa’s biggest company: Naspers, a major shareholder in Tencent, who in turn owns WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social mediaContinue reading “The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin”

Heath to Wealth

On the Trail of Asia’s Shifting Rhino Horn Market By Karl Ammann, Published in the Wildlife Ranching magazine, November-December 2018 As long as consumers want rhino horn, South Africa will lose its rhinos to the slow, agonising blows of the poacher’s machete. In this extensive investigation, undercover Swiss filmmaker Karl Ammann finds that blackmarket sentimentsContinue reading “Heath to Wealth”

Of Tiger and Lion Bones, and the Legalizing of the Rhino Horn Trade

At the CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP16) in Bangkok earlier this year, I attended a press conference where the South African Minister for the Environment announced that South Africa had tried a wide range of measures to curtail rhino poaching, but she confirmed that so far they had failed and it was now time toContinue reading “Of Tiger and Lion Bones, and the Legalizing of the Rhino Horn Trade”

The Real Ivory Game

Published in SWARA Magazine – April – June 2018 China’s new domestic ban on the ivory trade presents all the makings of excellent global public relations, but it could do more harm than good without effective enforcement. At the end of 2017, China declared that it had closed down the domestic trade in ivory. Conservation-establishmentContinue reading “The Real Ivory Game”

From Health to Wealth – Understanding the trade in rhino horn in the age of affluence

Felix Patton and Karl Ammann – Published in Pachyderm No. 57 July 2015–June 2016 If demand reduction strategies are going to be effective, it is essential that the understanding of the usage of rhino horn and rhino horn products is accurate. Judging by what is being published in the media–in print and online–this is notContinue reading “From Health to Wealth – Understanding the trade in rhino horn in the age of affluence”

China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…

In early December 2015, a press release by Sam Smith (Wild Aid campaigns push price of Ivory into the ‘free-fall’ zone) documenting the decline in price of illegal raw ivory in China, was picked up by a wide range of media outlets. The Secretary General of CITES, John Scanlon, commented that the bottom had droppedContinue reading “China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…”

Wishful thinking and Rhino Conservation

Finally some good news in the context of rhino poaching:  A press release circulated on Oct. 20th 2014 tells the concerned public that: INTEREST IN RHINO HORN DROPS IN VIETNAM. The story goes on to describe how a survey was conducted amongst 1000 rhino horn consumers, firstly in 2013 and repeated in 2014 by visiting the same respondents.Continue reading “Wishful thinking and Rhino Conservation”