Tracking The Tiger Butcher

Large numbers of tigers are being farmed, killed and trafficked in Laos. Terrence McCoy – Published in Reader’s Digest on Jul 29, 2020 12:16:13 IST He was up there somewhere, at the top of the hill, the man Karl Ammann had come to see. It would soon be night. The forest was all shadows andContinue reading “Tracking The Tiger Butcher”

Heath to Wealth

On the Trail of Asia’s Shifting Rhino Horn Market By Karl Ammann, Published in the Wildlife Ranching magazine, November-December 2018 As long as consumers want rhino horn, South Africa will lose its rhinos to the slow, agonising blows of the poacher’s machete. In this extensive investigation, undercover Swiss filmmaker Karl Ammann finds that blackmarket sentimentsContinue reading “Heath to Wealth”

Kämpfer für bedrohte Tiere

By Karl Ammann – Published in Republik, October 9, 2018 “Der Schweizer Karl Ammann entlarvt die Hintermänner des weltweiten Wildtierschmuggels – eine lebensgefährliche Mission. Die Geschichte eines Unerschrockenen.”Von Mona Fahmy (Text) und Ariel Hauptmeier (Mitarbeit), 09.10.2018 Mit jedem Tag wird der Dschungel dichter – und kommen mehr Jäger an Bord. Sie legen mit ihren EinbäumenContinue reading “Kämpfer für bedrohte Tiere”

The Real Ivory Game

Published in SWARA Magazine – April – June 2018 China’s new domestic ban on the ivory trade presents all the makings of excellent global public relations, but it could do more harm than good without effective enforcement. At the end of 2017, China declared that it had closed down the domestic trade in ivory. Conservation-establishmentContinue reading “The Real Ivory Game”

From Health to Wealth – Understanding the trade in rhino horn in the age of affluence

Felix Patton and Karl Ammann – Published in Pachyderm No. 57 July 2015–June 2016 If demand reduction strategies are going to be effective, it is essential that the understanding of the usage of rhino horn and rhino horn products is accurate. Judging by what is being published in the media–in print and online–this is notContinue reading “From Health to Wealth – Understanding the trade in rhino horn in the age of affluence”