A Study of Illegal Trafficking of Lao PDR Elephants

Open letters and Compilation of documents by Karl Amman (2020-06-21) – Elephants already exported and in the process of being exported to China While looking into the export of the elephants to Dubai Safari we encountered representatives of a Chinese company, from Yunnan, inspecting some 50 elephants they said they had under contract. The concernedContinue reading “A Study of Illegal Trafficking of Lao PDR Elephants”

Interview with Fyodor Shidlovsky, head of the Russian Mammoth trading organization

An Interview by Karl Ammann – S : Shidlovsky A : Ammann S: You should have sent me questions. A: You are an expert, I did not consider it necessary to send them. S: Well, sometimes the questions are very naive. A: The director needs more details on how the mammoth business works. How isContinue reading “Interview with Fyodor Shidlovsky, head of the Russian Mammoth trading organization”

Letter to the Chinese Forestry Police

Dear Sirs, I am referring to our meeting at the Yunnan CITES office to discuss the import of elephants into China. Below is the report I sent to various parties last year after some of the initial evidence became available. I understand that for the forestry police the main issue is not the CITES technicalitiesContinue reading “Letter to the Chinese Forestry Police”