The CITES – Permitting System and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife

LIVE ANIMAL TRADE IS OUT OF CONTROL This report provides evidence that CITES is failing to police the trade in live animals of endangered species. The level of fraud and falsification of CITES trade permits has reached a level where illegal trade is actively encouraged by this lack of control. Documented is the extent toContinue reading “The CITES – Permitting System and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife”

Open Letter to Guangdong Chimelong Group

To: Mr. Su Zhigang, Chairman, Guangdong Chimelong Group, Yingbin Road, Panyu, Guangzhou Nanyuki, July 7th 2015 Dear Mr.  Su Zhigang, I am a documentary film maker working on a production documenting the wildlife trade for Swiss and German Television. I recently visited the head offices of Guangzhou Panyu Chang Long Safari World. Co. Ltd toContinue reading “Open Letter to Guangdong Chimelong Group”

Tiger Farming: an ‘industry’ with a range of profit centers

During a recent documentary film shoot with a team from Spiegel TV in Germany we investigated aspects of tiger farming in Thailand and Laos before I then traveled on to China and Myanmar. There I looked into not just aspects of tiger bone consumption and the trade in tiger derivatives but also live animals. IContinue reading “Tiger Farming: an ‘industry’ with a range of profit centers”

Wishful thinking and Rhino Conservation

Finally some good news in the context of rhino poaching:  A press release circulated on Oct. 20th 2014 tells the concerned public that: INTEREST IN RHINO HORN DROPS IN VIETNAM. The story goes on to describe how a survey was conducted amongst 1000 rhino horn consumers, firstly in 2013 and repeated in 2014 by visiting the same respondents.Continue reading “Wishful thinking and Rhino Conservation”

CITES and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife

Swiss-born journalist and wildlife activist Karl Ammann has been investigating the illegal trade in wildlife products in Africa and Southeast Asia for 30 years.  His work has aired on Spiegel Television in Germany, Carte Blanche in South Africa, and several other publications.  In 2007 Time Magazine name him a Hero of the Environment.  His workContinue reading “CITES and the Illegal Trade in Wildlife”

China and Gorillas

China’s illegal imports of some 150 chimpanzees from West Africa have become a major animal welfare and conservation concern since it first became public some 3 years ago. This trade was still ongoing in 2013. In addition, the CITES trade data for 2010 showed that China had also declared the import of 10 gorillas. AsContinue reading “China and Gorillas”