Mediawan Rights Fast-Tracks Dedicated Doc Unit, Scores Key Deals on ‘Green Blood,’ ‘Tiger Mafia’ (EXCLUSIVE)

By Elsa Keslassy – Published on – April 14, 2021 Mediawan Rights, the commercial division of  French independent media powerhouse Mediawan founded by Pierre-Antoine Capton, Xavier Niel and Matthieu Pigasse in 2015, is poised to step up its premium documentary clout through its dedicated sales unit. Presided by veteran sales executive Valerie Vleeschhouwer, MediawanContinue reading “Mediawan Rights Fast-Tracks Dedicated Doc Unit, Scores Key Deals on ‘Green Blood,’ ‘Tiger Mafia’ (EXCLUSIVE)”

Animals as Commerce

An Integrated Curriculum For The Washington Post Newspaper In Education Program By Karl Ammann, Published February 14, 2020 ©2020 THE WASHINGTON POST INTRODUCTION: Meeting a Demand for the Wild There are those who believe in the magical powers of parts of animals and there are those who have made a business of meeting the demandContinue reading “Animals as Commerce”

Tracking The Tiger Butcher

Large numbers of tigers are being farmed, killed and trafficked in Laos. Terrence McCoy – Published in Reader’s Digest on Jul 29, 2020 12:16:13 IST He was up there somewhere, at the top of the hill, the man Karl Ammann had come to see. It would soon be night. The forest was all shadows andContinue reading “Tracking The Tiger Butcher”

The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin

When researching the illegal wildlife trade, very often some tentacles lead back to South Africa. Not only when it comes to rhino horn, abalone and lion bone but in this case to one of South Africa’s biggest company: Naspers, a major shareholder in Tencent, who in turn owns WeChat, a Chinese multi-purpose messaging, social mediaContinue reading “The African Ranger Awards and the Demand Side of the Coin”

Of Tiger and Lion Bones, and the Legalizing of the Rhino Horn Trade

Value additions to lion bones sold into the Traditional Chinese Medicine Market: Trophy hunter in SA books a lion ‘hunt’ of a captive born cat for approximately U$8000-25000 (the cost of hunting a female is a fraction of the cost of hunting a male). The taxidermist, in collaboration with the hunting company arranges for theContinue reading “Of Tiger and Lion Bones, and the Legalizing of the Rhino Horn Trade”

China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…

In early December 2015, a press release by Sam Smith (Wild Aid campaigns push price of Ivory into the ‘free-fall’ zone) documenting the decline in price of illegal raw ivory in China, was picked up by a wide range of media outlets. The Secretary General of CITES, John Scanlon, commented that the bottom had droppedContinue reading “China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…”

Tiger Farming: an ‘industry’ with a range of profit centers

During a recent documentary film shoot with a team from Spiegel TV in Germany we investigated aspects of tiger farming in Thailand and Laos before I then traveled on to China and Myanmar. There I looked into not just aspects of tiger bone consumption and the trade in tiger derivatives but also live animals. IContinue reading “Tiger Farming: an ‘industry’ with a range of profit centers”

Tiger cake and rhino horn – a walk on the Asian wild side

By Karl Ammann – Published in SWARA, Issue of July-September 2012 Two years ago I was filming in a new casino town on the Laos/China border. These new enclaves are built on leased territory, like Macau, and all laws go out the window. Gambling, prostitution, drugs and illegal wildlife consumption become the main economic activitiesContinue reading “Tiger cake and rhino horn – a walk on the Asian wild side”