Interview with Fyodor Shidlovsky, head of the Russian Mammoth trading organization

An Interview by Karl Ammann – S : Shidlovsky A : Ammann S: You should have sent me questions. A: You are an expert, I did not consider it necessary to send them. S: Well, sometimes the questions are very naive. A: The director needs more details on how the mammoth business works. How isContinue reading “Interview with Fyodor Shidlovsky, head of the Russian Mammoth trading organization”

The Real Ivory Game

Published in SWARA Magazine – April – June 2018 China’s new domestic ban on the ivory trade presents all the makings of excellent global public relations, but it could do more harm than good without effective enforcement. At the end of 2017, China declared that it had closed down the domestic trade in ivory. Conservation-establishmentContinue reading “The Real Ivory Game”

China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…

In early December 2015, a press release by Sam Smith (Wild Aid campaigns push price of Ivory into the ‘free-fall’ zone) documenting the decline in price of illegal raw ivory in China, was picked up by a wide range of media outlets. The Secretary General of CITES, John Scanlon, commented that the bottom had droppedContinue reading “China, Ivory and Wishful thinking…”

Apprehending Ivory Traffickers: A Conservation Fairy Tale?

By Karl Ammann, with Erick Kaglan – Published in December 18 2013 In December 2012, Malaysia announced the discovery and confiscation of the largest illegal ivory shipment ever—six tons of raw tusks hidden among teak planks in a shipping container from Togo (alternative news reports talked of 24 tons).  In July of this year,Continue reading “Apprehending Ivory Traffickers: A Conservation Fairy Tale?”