Apprehending Ivory Traffickers: A Conservation Fairy Tale?

By Karl Ammann, with Erick Kaglan – Published in December 18 2013 In December 2012, Malaysia announced the discovery and confiscation of the largest illegal ivory shipment ever—six tons of raw tusks hidden among teak planks in a shipping container from Togo (alternative news reports talked of 24 tons).  In July of this year,Continue reading “Apprehending Ivory Traffickers: A Conservation Fairy Tale?”

Tiger cake and rhino horn – a walk on the Asian wild side

By Karl Ammann – Published in SWARA, Issue of July-September 2012 Two years ago I was filming in a new casino town on the Laos/China border. These new enclaves are built on leased territory, like Macau, and all laws go out the window. Gambling, prostitution, drugs and illegal wildlife consumption become the main economic activitiesContinue reading “Tiger cake and rhino horn – a walk on the Asian wild side”